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 *=THe HellHouse In The Whirlpool=*

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Water Goddess/Ongaku Clan Leader/Morikage/Admin/Goddess of Wrath
Water Goddess/Ongaku Clan Leader/Morikage/Admin/Goddess of Wrath

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Love/Dating : No I just tap that and leave.
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PostSubject: *=THe HellHouse In The Whirlpool=*   *=THe HellHouse In The Whirlpool=* Icon_minitimeSat Jan 10, 2009 9:57 am

*the glass dome is sourounded by a giant whirlpool thats moving so fast that it feels like a normal speed* *i look up to see a straight cut to the sky cities above* One day my Rahzel. You will see the water a little differently.


Her Name Is Xiamara. She's My Demon. Cute ain't she? ^///^

Here's her ultra-form. ^^

*=THe HellHouse In The Whirlpool=* 1c31

The Song On My Mind~
Insane In The Membrane- Crypic Hill
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*=THe HellHouse In The Whirlpool=*
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