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Daughter of Her Enchantress/Soul of the Rainbow
Daughter of Her Enchantress/Soul of the Rainbow

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PostSubject: No-Noes >.>   No-Noes >.> Icon_minitimeWed Dec 31, 2008 8:42 am

~YAY RULES~ *sarcasm of death*

1- no godmoding. (captian obvious saves the day again)
2- don't argue with admins. especially me. -.- im pretty laid back thank you. i just want everyone to have fun. D:
3- keep the cursing in check. we're all teens and stuff so we can handle some, but just don't f-bomb every freaking sentence. -.- gangsters dont go on RPG...
o.o and that's all i got. Enjoy! ^^

true form
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No-Noes >.>
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